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Our Approach and Systematic procedure make our clients satisfied beyond their Expectations.

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Who We Are


Fierce Solution with its finest Talents is renowned for its Systematic Approach and consistency towards deliberations. We follow a process of rational influence to effectively address the client’s needs that are the most crucial in the present world of commercial activities.


Each and Every steps of the project handling are carefully supervised and systematically replenished by docile experts. Hence the project executions will be monitored thoroughly on time with 3 tier quality check.


Nowadays Understanding the customer’s need is challenging in IT industries to fulfill their requirements.Fierce Solution has certain procedure to solve their problems. The tools and frameworks we employallow us to derive solution for the needs.

Our Process

We start with comprehensive research and planning of a concept. We put together the ideas and design the UX/UI which is the most delightful for users. Our systematic planning of concept helps to deliver the project on time. Our development process includes the assigning of right people for the right projects. Our 3-tier quality check deploys error free final product.

Our Services

Web App

Customized application development, Economic development of application at quick time to-market.


Proactive predictions, Regression based approach, Custom solutions and services based on client’s problem and needs.

UI/UX Design

We craft the expected designs, Informative Architecture, Infographical design, flexible pattern of designs.

Mobile App

Prodigious mobile application development, Multiplatform custom mobile application development

Testing as a Services

3 tier quality check, Careful evaluation and Judgment for releasing high quality services solution.

Big Data Services

Intelligent way of creating, curating, managing and processing the data. Effective aggregation, Integration of data, Validation and gleaning Techniques.


Variety of domain connection, Tracking, Monitoring physical assets, delivering high quality customer services

Cloud Services

Supporting with improved performance, Economic and secured cloud premise, unique platform driven service.

Dev Apps

More reliable service with improved productivity and efficiency, and the increased ability to build the right product by fast experimentation.

Project Management

We assign a project manager on every project who oversees the team and ensure that all tasks are delivered on time and as per requirements

Project Kick-Off

  • Set up dedicated team
  • Pre-screened, well trained and vetted resources
  • Video introductory call with the team members


  • Communication Daily or, As Frequently as You Wish
  • Directly interact with the team via Email,Skype,VOIP,Hangout etc.
  • Use Basecamp as our preferred project collaboration tool


  • 30 days of ongoing maintenance work
  • Scheduled Maintenance & Software Roadmap

Quality Assurance

  • User experience testing
  • Unit testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Manual testing


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